Structured & Project Finance Debt Advisory & Restructuring

Structured & Project Finance debt advisory & restructuring

  • Helm Banca de Inversión (HBI) thoroughly analyzes all aspects of the project, evaluates the status and completion of contractual agreements, and assesses potential risks for credit committees. HBI takes the lead in negotiating until the first disbursement of debt is achieved.
  • Helm Banca de Inversión (HBI) conducts in-depth analysis of the company, provides recommendations for potential alternatives and structures, and offers ongoing support throughout all stages of the operation.
  • Helm Banca de Inversión (HBI) seeks banks and financial institutions that align with the client's needs in terms of debt costs and credit terms.
  • Helm Banca de Inversión (HBI) negotiates with creditors, advises its clients, and structures a wide variety of transactions.
  • Helm Banca de Inversión (HBI) provides advisory services to its clients in capital structuring and raising. Additionally, it has substancial experience in negotiating and placing private securities.


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